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is pursuing my career as a actor & realizing all of the gifts in the world! By sharing the story of our lives through my artistry as an actor is pure magic!  Acting has always been a passion of mine, but making that inital step, and overcoming my fears was when it sparked.  It has since become my desire to share those emotions.  The passion, the pain, the fear, and the happiness as beautiful strokes on screen, that is the canvas of our reality.



The "YOU-NESS" campaign is growing :

Let's get tight and go with the tips

The main goal : Get the best body ever!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Body Image & Self Esteem

Woman + Body Image

  • The "YOU-NESS" campaign is outstanding for itself. So few women can speak up what natural beauty means. That' s what  women from the 1930's  remind me of it . Their face expression, hair and make up were outstanding.
That's why I'm here to challenge every women to be beautiful coming  from  the inside to the outside.
Rule # 1
1) Be yourself.
2) Be confidence.
3) Make up is not important a little lipstick  will do.
4) If you do want to wear  a lots of make up because that will  build your confidence do it.
5) If you look yourself in front of a mirror, love yourself don't matter what you look like.
Be tune for more rules that will be upcoming as soon as possible.


Audrey Star

Friday, May 20, 2011


Audrey Star is ...
Living in LA. you always have the oppurtunity to look your best!  So here are some of my favorite style essentials!



Help protect your skin with a simple  moisturizer, from day to night! L.A.'s changing climate can damage the strongest of pores!


  Rock these Gucci heels with a nigt look, when transitioning from flats.

Flats are always a safe bet, when on the go, or on a casual day in the city.


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

MISS CALIFORNIA USA NOMINEE AUDREY STAR Women + Body Image + Defining Moments!

Our "YOU-NESS" campaign has reached all over the world!  We want to thank  you , and all the public  involved for opening up the conversation to a global audiance!  Also check super  model Audrey Star sharing her #DefiningMoment!  


Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hello everyone, the new season has arrived, and here's some cool ways to stay in shape, work up a sweat, stay gorgeous and perfect your "YOU-NESS" around the house!

In the winter you can still keep in shape!  I want to make sure you guys are keeping a colorful personality, and eating right. So put on your favorite song, and shake off the stress of yesterday.  Lets turn up the dail this week by doing more intense repitions in a shorter period of time!

- warm up with a full body stretch and a 5min freestyle dance

-by placing your arms directly in front of you, when going down in the squat position, you maximize your results by squeezing your glutes, or bootay!

Do regular chest to floor push-ups



15 min Dance down

Audrey Star
mua!  xoxo